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Project: SheaMoisture's First Impact Report

Role: Copywriter and Strategist, PROVOC

SheaMoisture published its first-ever report outlining its impact on the Black community and the company’s mission of creating generational wealth to help close the over $11 trillion racial wealth gap.

Each year, SheaMoisture reinvests at least 1% of net sales directly into economic opportunities for underserved entrepreneurs and Black business owners. To date, SheaMoisture has reinvested over $10 million through purpose-driven programs, partnerships, and donations - all highlighted in their first-ever impact report.


Since its launch, the report has rippled into talking points for leadership, activations at the Essence Festival, and strategic placements on the SheaMoisture website. This work was essential in regaining the trust of its core customer base after the acquisition and marked a pivotal path forward.



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